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RF Switches

RF switches from Fairview Microwave are from both PIN diode and electromechanical relay. RF PIN diode switches are available with SMA connectors and operate with a minimum frequency range between 100 MHz to 2 GHz and a maximum frequency range between 1 GHz and 16 GHz. These SMA PIN diode switches are single pole single throw (SPST) with a maximum insertion loss between 1.2 dB and 3.5 dB. Fairview Microwave coaxial SPST PIN diode switches have a minimum isolation of between 55 dB and 60 dB and a VSWR maximum between 1.6 and 1.7.

Electromechanical RF relay switches from Fairview are available with SMA or Type N connectors. Our SMA and Type N electromechanical relay switches have a minimum frequency of DC and a maximum frequency range between 4 GHz and 18 GHz. These electro-mechanical RF switches are single pole dual throw (SPDT) or single pole 4 throw (SP4T). Fairview Microwave coaxial SPDT and SP4T RF relay switches have control voltage between 10 Volts and 24 Volts and DC current is 114 mA.